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Longlands Primary School is ranked 6th for progress in 2018 throughout Shropshire and in the top 8% in the country. Longlands judged " a good school" Ofsted 2017. The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. Pupils receive a good-quality education at Longlands Primary School. Leaders and staff are ambitious and committed to doing the very best for pupils.

  1. School Uniform

School Uniform

All children at Longlands Community Primary School are expected to wear school uniform. Items displaying the school logo are available to order online at www.brigadeuniform.co.uk. Other items are readily available at the usual high street children's clothing shops.

Please name the clothes your child wears to school. The school cannot be held responsible for any personal items lost or damaged on school premises. We will, however, endeavour to prevent loss or accidents occurring.

School Uniform

Trousers or skirt - grey or black.
Shirt or white polo shirt.
Sweatshirts – Blue available from Brigade Uniform (web address above)
Fleece jackets - Blue.
Socks or tights - White, black, grey or navy.
Shoes - Black.
Please ensure shoes are waterproof for the wet weather and suitable for running around in at playtime. 


Summer Options

Dresses – blue and white check, or stripe, available in most chain stores.
Trousers or Shorts- Grey
Polo shirts or T-shirts – white or blue.
Baseball style sun hat – blue with school logo. 


P.E. Kit

T. Shirt – White or blue. (Not football shirts)
Shorts or P.E. skirt - White, navy or black.
Pupils will need a change of footwear for outdoor P.E. 


Children should not wear jewellery to school; it may get lost and we cannot accept responsibility but more importantly, it can be very dangerous when children play games. The only exception is for children with pierced ears. Under these circumstances plain studs may be worn as long as pupils are able to remove them themselves for PE.

Make-up, including nail polish, is not acceptable in school. Hair-cuts should be neat and tidy. Extreme hair-cuts, including carving patterns, are discouraged.

School uniform can be varied for health reasons or on religious grounds in consultation with the Head Teacher.

We thank parents for adhering to our uniform policy. Wearing school uniform allows our pupils to be proud of our school and take pride in being part of a successful learning community.

"I am proud to wear school uniform. When we go on a trip people will know which school we come from and they will know we are a good school."

Year 3 Pupil