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Longlands Primary School is ranked 6th for progress in 2018 throughout Shropshire and in the top 8% in the country. Longlands judged " a good school" Ofsted 2017. The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. Pupils receive a good-quality education at Longlands Primary School. Leaders and staff are ambitious and committed to doing the very best for pupils.

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Gifted and Talented

Longlands Primary School encourages all pupils, including the most able, to do their best and to have the highest expectations of themselves. We aim to do this by ensuring that they benefit from a carefully planned and differentiated programme of teaching which provides the right balance of challenge and support.

There is continuous strategic development of provision for more able, gifted and talented pupils. Academically able pupils are identified through our assessment tracking systems. Our Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator works with class teachers to ensure these pupils experience appropriate activities to extend their learning.

Some children show a talent in a particular area of the curriculum or parents have identified with us that their child has a particular talent. We try to ensure that talents have an opportunity to flourish by considering in our planning opportunities for pupils to engage in activities related to their talent. E.g. sporting competitions, musical ensembles, drama productions etc.

We support Able, Gifted and Talented pupils by:

  • Identifying able and talented pupils as early as possible so that they have the maximum opportunity to develop their full potential.
  • Ensuring teachers' planning is suitably differentiated and tasks are challenging.
  • Setting pupils challenging targets.
  • Making links with other people, including other teachers within and outside school, and organisations in the wider community to extend and enhance learning opportunities.
  • Encouraging pupils to take advantage of opportunities offered.
  • Creating a climate of learning throughout the school where all achievement is valued and celebrated.
  • Taking into account the social, emotional, spiritual, cultural, physical and academic needs of able pupils when making decisions about educational provision.
  • Raising staff awareness of the range of strategies that are effective in making provision for able and talented students.

Parents have the opportunity to discuss their child's abilities and talents at termly Parents' Evenings and are also encouraged to write relevant information on their child's annual school report. Parents are welcome to make an appointment to see their child's teacher to discuss any aspect of their progress and achievement at any time during the school year.

"We are very pleased with the progress of our children. We are happy with the school and are informed in our children's progress all the way. Thank you for making their school journey very enjoyable."

Parent Survey 2012