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  1. Parents and the Community
  2. Communication with Staff

Communication with Staff

We actively encourage communication with parents. If you need to discuss a matter with your child's teacher you may contact them informally in the morning or via the school office to make an appointment.

Please do not assume, however, that just because teachers are there they are available to see you. Teachers may not be available that morning for discussion as they may already be supervising children and planning for the lessons. They will agree a time with you at the earliest mutual convenience.

The 'two minutes' that you may need soon becomes half an hour if several parents want to chat. Please don't think teachers are putting you off if they say they are unavailable. They simply have things to prepare for the day that can't wait in order to deliver good quality lessons to your child.

If you need to inform staff about an administrative or medical matter e.g. why a child was away, an orthodontic appointment etc. please inform the school office or the Teacher Assistant who works in your child's class, not the class teacher as this type of information needs to be logged. This also frees up teachers to continue with planning and preparation for lessons. Teacher Assistants are available from 8:30am every day.

"If I have any issues with my child his teacher is always approachable, friendly and professional and has time if I have anything to discuss."