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Longlands judged " a good school" Ofsted 2017. The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. Pupils receive a good-quality education at Longlands Primary School. Leaders and staff are ambitious and committed to doing the very best for pupils.

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Medical and Health Matters


If your child requires medication as part of their every day life, for example asthma, or needs medication for a short period only, please come to the school office to make the necessary arrangements. Asthma pumps should be clearly marked with the child's name and kept in their classrooms, so that they are readily available to be used as necessary. All other medicines should be left with the school office so that they can be locked away. Cough sweets are considered to be a medicine for this purpose and are not allowed in classrooms. All medicines need to be logged and locked away in the school office.

We prefer that you come to administer medicines yourself but where that is impossible for parents who work we will try to help. We can only administer medicines if parents have filled out a consent from.

Click here for Medicine Consent Form

If your child has a sickness bug, please ensure that a period of 48 hours without sickness elapses before sending him/her back to school. This will help to contain the spread of such an illness.

If your child becomes unwell at school and is clearly unable to stay, we will always contact you. Please ensure that all emergency contact numbers are kept up to date.

Infectious Diseases

Rubella (German measles) – Please inform the school immediately if your child contracts German Measles as mothers of pupils should be told of the occurrence and are advised to consult a doctor if they are pregnant. Any rash you are not sure about should be seen by a doctor. Please also notify us of Swine Flu cases.

Head Lice

Head lice are a very common occurrence and nothing to feel embarrassed about. Do let the school know if your child contract nits or head lice so that we can ask all parents to check children's hair. We have leaflets offering advice on what to do about this persistent problem. The school nurse is also able to offer advice.


The school nurse undertakes periodical medical examinations at the school. Please let the Head Teacher know of any health-related issues concerning your child. The nurse can also offer advice on a variety of health related issues such as diet, head lice, sex education etc.

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