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Longlands judged " a good school" Ofsted 2017. The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. Pupils receive a good-quality education at Longlands Primary School. Leaders and staff are ambitious and committed to doing the very best for pupils.

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  2. Arrival and Departure

Arrival and Departure

The large majority of our pupils walk to school. We strongly encourage this as part of a healthy lifestyle.

For some pupils and parents this is not an option as they live at the other end of town or in  the outlying villages. We would still encourage those parents to try to park some distance away and walk the last part to school. This serves two purposes: it frees congestion around the school, making it safer for pupils and it encourages pupils to maintain a healthy lifestyle by walking as much as possible.

If there is no alternative to bringing your car close to school it is imperative you park safely and lawfully avoiding blocking the school gates and neighbours' driveways, avoiding zig zag yellow lines and keeping access free for emergencies and deliveries.

A new pencil pathway has been installed to ensure that all children, parents and visitors  have a safe route around school. Please take this path at all times and do not cut across the car park.

The school car park is strictly for staff and visitors to the school. Parents are only permitted to use the car park in exceptional circumstances, e.g. if they have been called to collect a sick child.

To minimise the  risk of accidents to pupils the car park gate is kept shut at times when pupils are arriving and departing.

Breakfast Club 

Breakfast Club runs from 8.00 am until 8.45 am. Children are provided with a healthy breakfast and are offered a range of activities until the start of the school day. The club costs 50 pence per day. Please enquire at the school office if you wish your child(ren) to attend. 

Fit for Learning Club 8.30

Fit for Learning club is available every morning, is free and open to all pupils. It has two functions; to support working parents who need an early start; to encourage pupils to arrive on time for school and to be active and ready to learn. Pupils have fun taking part in morning keep fit routines to their favourite tracks.

Open Door Classrooms

All parents are welcome to join their children for early morning activities in their classrooms. Doors open at 8.45am and we encourage parents to work with their children on the activities set by the teacher until the bell goes for registration at 9:00am.

Activities set may include maths challenges, spelling and number facts practice, phonic and  reading activities or fine motor and handwriting practice. 

We politely remind parents that this is an opportunity to engage in learning with your child. Chatting between parents should happen outside the classroom on the playground or beyond the school gates so as not to interfere with the learning atmosphere in the room. We ask that parents leave promptly at 8:55 am.

Use of mobile phones on our premises is not permitted.

Due to safeguarding procedures and Health and Safety fire regulations and  we ask that  parents do not go beyond their child's classroom door (i.e. not into the corridor).

Departure: The End of the Day

Pupils should be collected from their external classroom door. Key Stage 1 pupils will only be released to a parent or an adult (person over 18) whom their parent(s) has authorised to collect their child. Authorisation should be in writing, but in exceptional emergency circumstances this can be verbal with the consent of the Head of School
Key Stage 2 pupils will be released to walk home independently at the end of the school day unless a parent requests alternative arrangements.

Pupils attending clubs will be dismissed by the club leader at the end of the session. Any specific arrangements parents wish to make for collection from clubs should be made with the club leader.

It is imperative that parents keep their emergency contact details up to date, so that staff and club leaders can keep parents informed of any changes necessary to arrival and departure arrangements.

"When I wake up for school I'm excited to see what my teacher has planned for the day."

Year 6 Pupil